Dog Music by Murray Weinstock

New York Dog Music by Murray Weinstock


Video by Sandi Bachom


"Every April and October, thousands of dolled up Dachshunds drag their owners to Washington Square Park in New York City for the Dachshund Friendship Club's parade. The high point or low point, depending on how close your tummy is to the ground, is when my pal Murray Weinstock and his friend Paul de Vries lead everyone in their Dachs Song." 
Dog lovers only! - Sandi Bachom

The Dachshund Friendship Club meets twice a year in New York City's Washington Square Park, with as many as 200 Dachshunds dressed to the fours! This video was shot and posted on Current TV by my friend Sandi Bachom. Please check out the the clip and you will see one eager participant sniffing out all the goodie bags in search of treats and toys. That's "My Buddy," Sparky!  If you get a kick out of this, please pass it along to your Dachshund friends and make it a biscuit buster year. Vote for Sandi's video at the Current TV website:



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