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New York Dog Music by Murray Weinstock

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For those great doggie gifts, (some really creative ones) here's a site to see.

Take a listen to "The Dachs Song" and take a walk with Sparky the wonderdog at

Shane MacDougall's site will be an treat for all dog lovers, especially of the "Badger Hound" persuasion! Shane's Dogumentary is expected to be completed in December of 2005.
 - (Dachshund translated means badger hound in German) is a site that I am pleased to have a link with. Ron Aiello, president of The United States War Dogs Association put this site together and was one of the courageous Dog Handlers who served this country. Learn more about one of our natural resources, War Dogs and see a photo of Ron with Stormy, one of our forgotten K-9 heroes. War Dogs like Stormy inspired me to write the song that you will hear when you go to the link.    In all of the wars over the last 90 years men have volunteered to serve as dog handlers. Whether it was as a SCOUT, SENTRY, MINE, TUNNEL or TRACKER, the duty was lonely at its best and extremely hazardous at its worst. - a must-visit for all dog lovers! Steve Johnson is sniffing out things you wouldn't believe.

Not only a great friend of Sparky's, (watch for up and coming pix from Sparky's going out 15th birthday party where Sparky is the center, as always, of a musical jam) but a terrific world renown dog trainer who started The Center For Animal Behavior and Canine Training, Steve Diller also played harmonica on Tails of the City song Dog Tags.

Elliott Randall - guitarist with a mission! has been set up to keep your dog fit by a daily running program. (I could use some runs myself) - The home page of Snooky & Tish Bellamo of Manic Panic purveyors of wild hair products and flash colors since 1977. Murray in Austin, Texas' in-store performance at Waterloo Records with Elaine Caswell, singing songs from the new dog-inspired CD, Tails of the City with John Hagen from the Lyle Lovett Band; also at Threadgills in Austin. Pix of the events are being readied for your viewing pleasure.

Porch Dogs - The Unmuzzled Truth About Men and Our Relationships with Them.

Rock photography at the absolute peak of the rock era -

HENRY DILTZ - Many of you know his photo work from the countless rock and roll album covers he created. The Doors (All Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) James Taylor, Eagles, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Janis Joplin, etc (and Murray's early band The Fifth Avenue Band-Warner Brothers release) He has recently opened photo galleries in the heart of NYC's SOHO, Morrison Hotel, 124 Prince Street as well as his native California location, Henry's Gallery 1230 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA. Henry has done some wonderful dog series which we will try to include here as well.

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