Dog Music by Murray Weinstock

New York Dog Music by Murray Weinstock

The Lyrics

"Big Dogs Need More Food" is from the view point of Dexter Dog, a black Bouvier with dredlocks and Clive, a black Rottweiler. Dexter Dog and Clive have mastered the art of living in style throughout the city. It is important to Dexter Dog that all people and dogs know what a sweet, discerning and lovable dog he is. Clive, on the other hand, is in the process of writing the Zagat for Dogs, due for release in the Fall of this year and is savvy to the specialties of the various restaurants about the city. He knows how to get to important restaurant personnel via the back door!
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"Dog Day Afternoon" is sung by Joey Spampinato of NRBQ fame, with John Sebastian of The Loving Spoonful adding some licks on the harmonica. This is a story of dogs lazing around around the porch til dinner time.
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"Dixie Dog" is a love song that is sung by the inimitable Dr. John about a golden brown little poodle, draped in jewelry, of course. Dixie drives all the "studs" wild. She is symbolized by Dixieland music, infectious and full of joy and esprit de vivre! Dixie, (Barbara Harris of The Toys-"The Lovers Concerto") can be heard in this song answering the Dr.
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"Popcorn Paws" is an image and smell driven song! We all know how sensitive a dog's sense of smell is. At the end of the day if you catch a wiff of your dog's paw after he or she has been sleeping, you will know about Popcorn Paws. These two dogs dream of the sea and Paris, "where the dogs are loved and running free".
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"Chase That Ball" is sung by Phoebe Snow and is the "wife's plea" about her mate, who is mostly interested in the acquisiton of the "ball". This may ring true to anyone who has experienced the crazed look when it is play-off time, Monday Night or any night!
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"My Buddy" is the only in this series of songs that is sung by an owner and memorializes our love and dedication to our little friends who teach us about unconditional love. The lovely duo part and violin ad libs are performed by Soozie Tyrell who was on a short break from touring with Bruce Springstein. She is the newest member of the E Street Band.
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"Bad Dog" is sung to other girl dogs, or "Bitches" about the age-old problem when attachment reaches dramatic heights and even knowing what is best for you cannot pull you away from an all consuming love! And an early example co-dependent dog song.
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"He's a Bad Dog, bad to the bone,
He's a mad dog, but he's mine alone
He's a Bad Dog, I need him so bad,
I fall to the ground whenever he comes around!"

"Gimme That Bone" is an important statement that dogs make without words, but it is always understood, somehow. What we can only imagine is what dogs need, ream (smell), wish for, etc. Obviously some of these things may not be so attractive to us, but that is where the pioneering can begin for us to understand our canine friends.
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"Dog About Town" is both a verb and honorific (title of distinction), but no longer limited to these two, as it is now a dance as well. Travel through the doggie bars with us and hear some of the dog music! "with bones on the bar, a combo that rocks with a sweet, young singer who's a fine, little fox, do the Dog About,....Dog about town. Doin' three steps to the left, turn and shimmy to the right, get down!"
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"Big Kahuna" describes the easy going life of a Golden Retriever of the same name in Hawaii. Johnny Farina of Santo and Johnny fame ("Sleep Walk") has graced us with his unique Hawaiian Steel wisps of melody like the early morning mist, as it hovers over the ocean. It's a dog's life that has to include rambling on the beach and getting quality "scraps" from the tourist community. Love is always in the air in this dog's life. Wish you were here!
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"I'll have puppies with Claire de Luna
And we'll call them Small Kahuna.
I'm the dog called Big Kahuna,
I live on love and fresh caught tuna,
From up in Maine south to Altoona,
Everybody loves the Big Kahuna."

"Dog Tags"
is sung about Dashiell Hound, a country dog who comes to the city and discovers that, in order to "find" himself and employment, he must have "Dog Tags". He gets a job as a security guard at a hardware store, an ideal vantage point for a look and see.

"I got me a job in a hardware store.
I'm the Pinkerton man sitting by the door.
Nobody steals or messes with me,
I got position, pride, respectability.
I got Dogs Tags,
Now my tails wags
I got my Dog Tags
And I know just who I am."
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"War Dogs"
is the last song on this "ruff" group of songs and is dedicated to a breed of military, work dog that we cannot forget or under-estimate. The Department of The Army Military Dog Training And Employment manual issued May 1967 states that the German Shepherd was the most suitable breed to help in the war effort and "In 1942 the U.S. Army established the K-9 Corps" operating five "war dog reception and training centers". York was one of the famous K-9 scout dogs, who led 148 combat patrols in Korea and "never lost a man due to enemy fire. A letter of achievement was written about the dog and signed by the Commanding General of the 25th Infantry Division at that time. York was a member of the 26th Infantry Scout Dog Platoon."

The unfortunate part of the War Dogs story is that for whatever reason, many of the dogs that were trained were not allowed to be brought back to the states. Recently, a memorial statue was set up in Fort Benning, Georgia to commemorate unsung and forgotten heroes, the War Dogs.

"War Dogs, never lose their way,
War Dogs, saving night and day
War Dogs, we've been led astray,
War Dogs, left behind where we'll stay."
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All songs c. furry murry music 1998

As dog owners and all animal owners, or should we use the word, "custodians" , this is all about love, our love, but for the pet, maybe love can refer to a good savory smell, a nice patch of grass, an excellent squeaky toy, a familiar humming sound like the purring of some "cat's mother"? It all comes back to love whether expressed or implied. Hope you enjoy the songs and thanks for visiting.

All the best,
Murray Weinstock

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