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A perennial favorite for all ages -
Tails of the City

Tails of The City  
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Tails of the City speaks to all of us who have shared our lives with dogs. It chants an array of wonderful images, evoking a warm sensation in the deepest part of our hearts and souls. If your dog could talk, he or she would be asking you to listen carefully to the lyrics of this unique presentation so that you could get a better understanding of a dogs perspective on daily life. One cant help but think that perhaps in a past life Murray Weinstock was a dog. Tails of the City will change your image of dogs forever in the most delightful way.
-Steve Diller
(Center for Animal Behavior & Canine Training)

You dog-lovers have come out in droves. Thank you for all your positive feedback and enthusiasm! New orders are now being fulfilled. Keep barkin'.

Tails of the City  is also available throughout the USA in select Tower, Virgin Mega Stores, Best Buy, Waterloo Records (Austin, TX) and one-stop locations (possibly filed under "Various Artists"). Contact me for a list of the Best Buys that are carrying "Tails of the City". 

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